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Why I Love My WILDMAN Acoustic Guitar !
Three things that I look for in a Guitar are
Great Action (Ease Of Playing )
Great Tone (Pleasing To the Ear )
Beauty and Strength Looks Good and Lasts Long)
I find them all in my WILDMAN Guitar ....
and I can play it real WILD


Bobby Cash The Indian Cowboy One In A Billion Brand Ambassador for WILDMAN Guitars . Bobby Cash is a unique musician with a unique style of playing guitar Creating magic around him mesmerizing his audience with his soulful voice , who when puts his fingers to his Guitar sounds as if 5 Guitarists are playing together in harmony . Bobby has proved to the world that music knows no boundaries and that it is a way and silence behind it that brings together people from different lands and different cultures...Also, he is literally a '' One in more than a Billion'' country music singing sensation, being the first and only country music artist from India who bears the honor of being the first Indian ever to release albums of country music internationally in Australia taking it by storm in 7 days and becoming one of the best .Bobby has been Nominated for Nashville awards which is equal to Grammy. A large part of his live action is Bobbies flying solos -- just him and his guitar
He is one of those performers who can understand what his audience wants, and can cause them to smile or sit back with moist eyes....His entrance is a simple walk in, and perched on a stool, he transports one into the world of his song, with the stage alive and vibrant with energy.. Two of the albums are a collection of great original material sung in classic style with a voice nobody would want to forget in a hurry. His music is a blend of traditional country with a contemporary bent, his voice is a rich light baritone with a warm and velvety feel and his brilliant guitar playing brings in the exciting elements of the likes of Chet Atkins and Jose Feliciano.

Wildman My First Great Guitar Brought Happiness And Smile To My Face Found At Sattva Musical

I am from Belgium .I went to a few musical instruments shop looking for a guitars but I did not like any of them and then I entered into a beautiful looking Musical instruments shop in Pune Called Sattva.The owner showed me a few and told me about all the features of all the guitars including Yamaha, Fender , and then he told me about a solid top guitar called Wildman .
He made me compare the features ,the sound , the quality ,the looks, by now I could start making out the differences and wow I fell in love with this Wildman guitar immediately,to my amazement it sounded better then all the branded guitars i saw there.I thought only branded guitars sound good and are better quality but to my surprise wildman guitar had great sound quality very clear and balanced ,the guitar looks beautiful . I got a very good deal and was very happy to have it . I cant wait to go back and lay my hands on the guitar and play to my heart content .
Sattva is a great shop even for the people who dont know about instruments but when you come out from there you have a smile on your face because by now you have not only learnt about the instrument but made friends with one of the best musical people from the shop and town .

I Was Surprised In India To See A Guitar Like Wildman its A World Quality Guitar

Recently while in India, I had the pleasure of visiting the music shop, Sattva, of my good friend and fellow musician, Tarun Mishra. He was excited to share with me his new line of guitars called “Wildman”. I played all the range, from the reasonably-priced entry models, up through the higher-end ones which feature more detail and quality woods. All of them get a thumbs-up, but my favorite of the line-up was the Solo-C model: a grand auditorium cut-away with rosewood sides and back, and a Red Cedar top. It had a balanced tone up the fingerboard and resonated easily with my playing style. The notes sustained nicely throughout my finger-picked chords, and the rhythm chords projected well. All the instruments feature a reinforced sandwich neck and headstock which give them a solid feel in the hands. India is not an easy climate for guitars, but I feel Tarun’s designs make them a reliable investment for any musician, from beginners to professionals. One last feature I must mention is the on-board Fishman Presys Plus pick-up system well-known for giving an authentic, pleasing sound when the instrument is plugged in and played live. The sign over Tarun’s shop reads “Express Your Innerself” — a goal any of these fine guitars will help aspiring players achieve.   Milarepa …   Milarepa is a singer/songwriter/guitarist from the USA. He tours every year facilitating events, giving concerts, and sharing a vision of meditation, music and celebration with his international band, One Sky.

About his music, Milarepa says:   "We are on this beautiful planet to celebrate the great mystery of life - with our songs, our music, our dances, our silences of the heart."   For more information about Milarepa and One Sky visit us.

I Really Like Wildman Because I Am Wild Suits My Personality


I really like WILDMAN guitar and have used it on stage a couple of times now. Needless to say, it''s always delivered. It''s got a warm, inspiring and mellow sound that makes you want to stomp your feet as your bust out a rhythm or help you compose a new song. The sound is balanced and the craftsmanship is pretty neat too. All in all, it''s a pretty damn good guitar for a player of any level and I highly recommend anyone who loves a good guitar to check out the WILDMAN series. Deuces, everybody! : )
Sattva The Musical Instruments Shop – 21 May 2016 –  

Some Times Life Takes A Turn

Nida Siddiqui RatingReview posted on
21 May 2016
Had originally gone to pick up a microphone but after speaking to the owner i.e. Vatayan decided otherwise. He suggested a wonderful music class for me to train and get better at my singing. Later on, picked up a piano from the shop. They helped set it up completely. Super friendly and helpful:)Best practices for responding to reviews Sattva The Musical Instruments Shop – 21 May 2016 –  

I Love WILDMAN Solid Top Acoustic Guitars

Saira Rating Review posted on
20 May 2016
I love the WILDMAN guitars..Beautiful sound and they look fantastic too. They''re easy to play and make the playing experience worth it.Best practices for responding to reviews Sattva The Musical Instruments Shop – 21 May 2016 –  

Wildman Guitar A Delicious Guitar

As a customer of Sattva musical instruments store..I have always been really satisfied with the support and knowledge of Mr Vatayanji the owner and his constant help to fill my musical needs. I am a music producer from London who now lives in Pune and i have setup a home recording studio and i have bought all my equipment from his store. You can literally get anything you desire from Sattva musical instruments store..from your basic guitar string to a full fledged piano. And when upon entering the store you get a warm and pleasant energy and your eyes are set on all the wonderful instruments around you. Ranging from different qualities and brands. However if you don''t see what you want. Mr. Vatayanji can always order the exact model of instrument you are looking for. And the wait is only in some cases a day. His service and care and most of all his passion for music is why the store will continue to be successful.
I specially fell in love with the new Guitars that they have got called Wildman, its a guitar that literally sings and best goes with my kind of music that i produce ,infact with all kinds of music . I love the tone of the guitar , The neck, the fretboard ,the action , the matt finish , and last but not the least the looks . To me its a delicious guitar .
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